We manage the launch of your business for you.
You are a Sales Representative, Business Owner, Team Builder, or Account Manager
Promote U will help you promote your business.
Set Up and Host.


Promote U  has a team member host your party.​
The Host meets and greets your guest, 
while you work on sales.

Location: Locating a place for your event in your area you wish to grow.
Consultation for Food,Supplies, Gift Bags, ect
Email Blast and Posting your Event, flyer

Set up for event(decorations & break down).

Booking Information

919 333 0092 -- promoteu7@gmail.com

$75.00 Min.  $35.00 per hour 
Booking is in advance.  $75.00 non-refundable.

Date needs to be booked in advance to promote.
You can change your date to another day and time
​with a 30 day notice.


Launch Your Business

Promote Yourself

Ignite Your Business

Set Your Heart On Fire.  Ignite Your Business

Ignite Your Business

     Business Launch


Mission and Passion​

Ignite your business concept came to me when I spoke to sales reps who did not know how to reach clients. They held home parties and handed out their cards, told some people and still their business did not grow.

They had a upline who did not coach them or care. The new sale rep was just another number on a team.

They were given a manual and pushed out the door, scared and confused.  
I understood this.  

This goes for big corporations too. A rep joins company team, has little to no direction or concept on how to get the word out about their business, product and services.

 Ignite Your Business Program, we will promote, market and showcase your business. We show you how to continue to Market yourself to grow your business.

Let us meet and find your needs, have fun while we work on your showcase and business.