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so I always want to know how things work and what it does

I can drive you a little nuts with that.....Forgive me...Annette

I am Laughing........

​Annette Sellers   919 333 0092    promoteu7@gmail.com

As the owner of Promote U, an Authorized Consultant for Social Media Management for MaxExposure and Team Member with Business Alliance of N.C.

We help you grow your business, save on your social media and take the stress of handling all your social media needs for you.  You have a support team.

Promote U

Annette Seller About Me

Your Business is like a Tree with Limbs.

Growth is your Connections and Support.

My Wants:  Build my business without forgetting about the ones who gave me something to ponder and grow on.

My Vision
is to continue to build, make friends, build trust,relationships, partner and income for future life.Support small business owners, solo business owners, the small guy. That is where we all started.

My Mission: We want to build with many platforms.   Showcase and Grow your business. Working with people of same mind and sincerity. Just makes it fun, but the process needs to be real.

Your Needs:
We help get the word out about your business.

 We use Social Media, Social Media Management, Print, Corporate Events, Open House, Networking, and Mini workshops.

Offering many levels of Promotional Advertising and Social Media Packages in one place with affordable prices for small business owners

We help you with Social Media Management with MaxExposure Social Media and 

in creating Brand  Awareness.  Taking the frustration and stress for you. So you have time to work in your business, than on your business.  

We help you build your business, handling many areas for you.

 Offering Private Consultation and Workshops.

Servicing the Raleigh Triangle area.

Virtual Office Help with needs anywhere needed.




​​Promote U