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Is This You ?

​Don't Listen to the People in your Head


It is not that bad

Is This You ?

Mini Workshops
Private Consulting

Workshops Consist of The Following Things

We meet and you tell me about you.
where you want to grow your business.
(If you have no idea, that is fine too).
We will work it out.

Tell me about your services or product
so I can help you tell others.
(no judging here,  just 2 people talking)

 We come up with a plan and your next step.
You Will Get Home Work

 We will speak on:
Marketing your business.

 Social Media Platforms (Google FB,Twitter,Yelp).
 Areas to Showcase your Business.
 Location for Showcase Event.
Website and Landing Page.
what needs work.
 what don't
 Social Media Management Services.
(if needed).
Maintained by MaxExposure

  Show you how to do it FREE.
Maintaining It.  Not Free.

Free Consultation
   (1 HOUR) 
Mobile  919 333 0092
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